"Your Eyes"

Updated: Dec 15, 2020


I can feel it in my heart

This is the way it's meant to be

It's more than a turn of the card

That has set our two souls free

There's something new in the sunrise

I just look into your eyes. . .


Your eyes tell the story of our lives

What we mean to each other

Your eyes can see through any disguise

They leave no clue uncovered

A love story is told in your eyes


You're the only girl I know

That accepts me for who I am

With you I can win, place or show

There's no room for unfair demands

You believe in a compromise

I can see it in your eyes. . .



You were a diamond in the rough

Surrounded by an intense desire

This made you see life could be tough

You showed you weren't afraid of fire

By calling the world's cruelest bluff


Timothy Michael DiVito c1989


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