"You Can Count On me"

Updated: Dec 15, 2020


Can you see it now that somehow

Our love will survive thick and thin

Even when we're down for the count

We know we can rise up and win

It's always nice to have a friend

That stands by you until the end

Remember. . .


You can count on me

No matter if it's life or death

You can count on me

Giving you my last living breath

You can count on me

Saving you from the cutting edge


Never count yourself out

You've got what it takes to endure

No one knows what life is all about

You're not the only one not sure

Never believe in magic wands

Only a strong heart to lean on

Remember. . .



I'll rescue you

Just call out my name

Life won't be the same

I'll rescue you

No need to be a shamed


Timothy Michael DiVito c1989


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