"Until I Met You"

Updated: Dec 15, 2020


The right words were never spoken

During special moments never shared

My heart was constantly broken

When I tried to love out of despair

My heart was just a cheap token

To be used when my soul was bared. . .


Until I met you

Life was the same routine

Nobody had the right stuff

Until I met you

I was afraid to dream

I just had to call their bluff

Until I met you. . .


I really didn't know what I would find

When I'd roll out of bed in the morning

The same thing was still on my mind

That loneliness was a warning

I thought it might be acrime

For my life to be so boring. . .



There's no more second guessing

No more midnight confessing

Just loving and caressing. . .


Timothy Michael DiVito c1989


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