"The Sun Also Rises"

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

All along the mountaintops,

are seen snow covered peaks,

just above the clouds so heavenly.

They say God sits in judgment,

gazing upon his creation,

deciding what the day will bring for us.

If in favor of our behavior,

all day the sun will shine,

if doubt and sin occur.

Some say it should rain everyday,

upon a sinner's paradise,

where the moon guides our souls.

We embrace that which intensifies,

our hunger for the carnal,

for this is our legacy.

A day with wondrous ecstasy,

should be of the soul outside,

just as phenomenal on the inside.

Here the sun also rises,

to guide our moralistic fears,

a destiny of God's spotlight on mankind. . .

Timothy Michael DiVito c2020


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