"Solar Survivors"

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Life is a bout the living,

not about the end result.

It is about the journey,

not about the destination.

It is about the hunger,

not about the satisfaction.

Forgive us for our sins

for we know not what we do.

As we struggle for perfection

we are in fear of our flaws.

Forgive us for our trespass

for we overstep our boundaries.

As we search for streets of gold,

we burn our bridges to compassion.

Open hearts lead to open minds

that shall close our personal hell.

Paths less traveled need company

so we can grow to the stars and beyond.

Infinite wisdom shall overcome

prejudice and bashing of differences

We are the last frontier of us,

we are the survivors of the universe.

Timothy Michael DiVito c1996


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