Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Climbing the mountains of forever more,

to gaze upon the ocean of the future.

witnessing the horizon of eternity.

These are neither dreams or folly

in different times, different meanings,

but to my heart a passionate opera,

that deafens the sounds of the crashing ocean

thundering upon the shore of my mind.

In the reality of life we two shared

the mundane certainties of existence,

pay the bills, feed the kids, get to work on time,

relationship maintenance.

A spontaneous escape to a mountaintop

sincerely never hurt anyone,

as long as your passion remains

true to your lovers needs.

Gentleness, passion and trust

all allow for a momentary rendezvous.

The car needs inspected,

the water heater blew up,

the checking account is over drawn.

Hideaway responsibly in the recesses

of paradise foreseen by two,

climb the mountain of Eden to dream.

Vacations are permitted as long as goals

are not sacrificed for dreams. . .

Timothy Michael DiVito c1993


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