"Please Wait For Me"

Updated: Dec 16, 2020


We're together on the avenue

Just taking our one chance

Searching for some kind of clue

To see what our love can withstand

The strain that cuts like a knife

Baby please. . .


Please, please wait for me

We shouldn't hurry things like this

Please, please wait for me

Don't get carried away by a kiss

Please, please wait for me


It hurts me time and time again

To think I might lose you

Because of something that's pretend

So let's find a fresh point of view

If we want what we once had

You'll have to. . .



Don't let our love be controlled

By something unforeseen

Our love can't be bought or sold

What we have is no dream

It's as real as it may seem


Timothy Michael DiVito c1989


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