"One Child's Thought"

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

As a child staring in to the black satin

of the starlit night,

dreams of future sunlit days, 

wandered in their mind.

Would there be a time in reality

the screaming would stop,

the abuse of the soul would end

in a truce of the heart.

Maybe they grew too fast not realizing

childhood carefree time,

maybe it was just the opposite in fact,

too much playing make believe.

Now the gamble has been lost on

what should have been,

where are the green fields of yesteryear

to relieve their sorrow?

The rose scented backyards to frolic in

while wasting time,

where are the sunlit days of youth

that seemed endless?

They seem to be in their mind's eye

to be relived occasionally,

like photographs to be cherished on rainy days

to pass moments of old age.

Now they have to determine the difference

between reality and imaginary.

so they can survive the world's cold touch,

without being bitter in the soul. . .

Timothy Michael DiVito c1994


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