"On Run Away Street"

Updated: Dec 15, 2020


I cruise this street again and again

Trying to find the answer

Searching for friends I knew then

One was a singer, one a dancer

They all seem to be drawn here

Among the broken hearts and tears

Here on run away street. . .


On run away street

Where dreams survive deceit

Where love won't taste defeat

On run away street

There is no room for mistakes

One heart can't afford to break

On run away street


They travel the avenue of dreams

Hoping to find their brass ring

Among all the crazy schemes

They want the rewards life can bring

First there must be sacrifice

They must lose their hearts of ice

Here on run away street. . .


The fire in your heart

Has the melt the cold in your soul

We all play a part

At times we even play the fool

Don't make escape a fine art


Timothy Michael DiVito c1989


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