Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Do you believe?

or do you deny it?

It is there in the air

nothing mythical,

no slight of hand tricks,

no mind altering number picks.

It is of the heart,

a journey through the soul,

beauty of the spirit.

Just a path taken in love,

man and woman,

in an embrace of passion,

Nothing surreal, yet unique,

a walk into the darkness

to appear in the light of day.

Witnessing the beauty of emotion,

nothing astounding of the mind,

not just a magician's wand.

It is in the kiss,

entwined in the embrace,

a caress of the starry night,

to set ablaze a ring of fire.

No mind bending extraordinary power,

just a path to love's enchantment. . .

Timothy Michael DiVito c2020


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