"Love's Mosaic'

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Realizing now, it is me,

it is me against the world,

not you and I, but singularly me.

For as the sun does shine,

it shines upon my empty heart,

there is no second heart to shine upon.

For the moon illuminates not your eyes,

Mere memories soaked in a light so romantic.

Away from such normalcy I shall gaze

to places where love singes the soul,

of ordinary men, for now I am but one.

Onward into the loveless night I travel,

hoping to one day to fill the passionless void,

that burns a whole in my shattered heart.

This deed shall be an immense undertaking,

nothing to be taken lightly on life's path.

Of poisonous touches from deceitful prophets,

these times are similarly deadly to lovers.

Sacred places are guarded, but attacked,

if faith is not fortified, love shall fall,

with nothing to do but pray until sleep does come.

I only hope as all I can afford to charge

into some dark evil barrier to gain love's favor,

once more to embrace the emotional storm that is love.

Your departure has strengthened my convictions,

to be true to myself to love enters once again.

Honoring memories and promises kept is easy

when but one passion has been tasted daily.

Now a mosaic of love's delights are savored,

but one shall be cherished in honor of our life.

For I must share life with the living, while our past is buried in compassion.

Timothy Michael DiVito c1994


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