"Love's Evolution"

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

As I reach for the sun of my dreams,

the past quickly chases my hopes.

Love's fortitude blinds me to the pain,

that cuts so deep upon my naive heart.

Armed with secure knowledge I journey

into a new horizon catching a glimpse,

of the elusive emotion of love.

See what is not life's human misery,

but that which is of scarred faith.

Naivete lingers no more forever,

grown and with presence of mind,

traveling to stars of brilliant dreams.

A single touch stirs my carnal flesh,

yet the heart senses a deeper need.

The path need not be illuminated,

yet it has to be followed faithfully.

Stray from not what is predetermined,

for it shall serve your soul well,

In times of fearful indecision,

call upon your spirit for strength,

that which is the burning embrace.

Timothy Michael Divito c1996


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