"Life's Reprisal"

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

It has long since gone,

the sun that shined so bright.

In the sky above,

our souls circle the earth.

A star that breathed life,

into all that is alive on this earth.

Once your eyes closed,

the world as I knew it ended then.

Now a cold Winter's touch,

lives in my once fiery hearth of love.

Spring does not blossom in a soul,

that once housed hope of life.

Instead captures all things,

that are dark of flesh and soulless.

A light from your smile,

is all it would take to raise my spirit.

Can you not be alive,

so my essence will be with yours.

Let the wandering wind,

breathe life into your body of love.

Let not the Winter's cold,

condemn your mission of embracing breath. . .

Timothy Michael DiVito c 1990


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