"Human Condition"

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

To feel true humanity

coursing through your veins,

is like the blood of man

sustaining life past human vanity.

Embracing who we truly are,

through compassion's touch so genuine.

Giving of ourselves unconditionally,

like a dog offering his paw in friendship.

We need human solidarity

across the sands of irrelevant time.

To be truly human is to care

hoping in faith that dreams will come true.

With hard work and sweat of brow,

humanity shall shine like the noonday sun.

Feeding the hungry with a loaf of bread,

not just the pocketbook of infamous wealthy.

Seeing what needs to be done,

and doing the right thing from your heart.

Not just trying to barely survive

the insurmountable trials and tribulations of life.

But to rise to the occasion as a race,

the race of humanity, not just a color of the skin.

Timothy Michael DiVito c2020


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