Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Forever I shall feel your breath

upon my soul.

Shall you pass into death's beyond,

I shall feel this.

You who shared great chivalry alive,

protecting the weak.

Instilling great deeds in my mind

is what you have done.

As the sun rises daily great Lord,

so shall my hopes.

As the stars glisten nightly my liege,

so do my dreams.

Into the vast world I cautiously travel,

knowing no true home.

Please keep a place for me so sacred,

not to disappear in the cold.

Forge ahead on your journey peacefully,

calm the world's pain.

For now I shall say farewell to thee,

remember not the past.

Reminisce the sheer joy of life so genuine,

sacrifice not your ideals.

Let the evil in men's black hearts,

be gone with your touch.

The finality of your journey uncertain,

as is the story of life.

Timothy Michael DiVito c1996


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