"For The Love Of Verse"

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Poetry must never lose its emotion, its humanity Poetry must never feel like cold blue steel, against the head of the of the world It must be free to enhance our minds, as well as embrace our souls.

It must be free to roam our psyche, to remove the mask from the face of man. Poetry must never be a prisoner, held hostage in dark dungeons, of ignorant minds.

My God, where would we be without a sweet verse of love, or a social stanza voicing its concerns about the state, of our ever changing world.

Though poetry may not have all the answers, at least it brings to our attention, the problems around us.

Let us get off our high horse to save the rest of the nonbelievers.

Poetry, opens the path to closed minds. It blazes trails to unknown worlds, of our often, misunderstood existence.

It enables the world to be in love with the concept of eternity. . .

Timothy Michael DiVito c1997


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