"Exalt Not The Dead"

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

There it is

down the darkened hallway

a shrine to the dead.

Graffiti, drawings, symbols, images

all state the obvious,

violence pays nothing but pain

The streets of heartache lead here.

Dreamless paths lead to this morbid symbol.

It stands in the darkness waiting

for another name to be etched

on it's rough porous surface.

When will the murderous carnage

end on the abandoned street.

A wall, red brick, wide as forever

exalted by the names of dead children,

who died for a causeless war.

No one can win this unholy attack on

the youth of the streets

Now it is time to tear the wall down

our barrier, our homage to carnage.

Compassionately give of ourselves

so the tears can dry and the grass can grow,

through the cracks of broken dreams.

Timothy Michael DiVito c1996


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