"Everyday Humanity"

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

A sprinkle of stardust,

a pinch of compassion on the earth.

A touch of human belief,

that all will be well with the world.

No magic, just an inherent search

for who we are supposed to be in society.

The mundane facts of life

lived by so many, enjoyed by so few,

seemingly an existence,

with hope of breathing the freshest air.

Like ants on a tedious path,

carrying four times the load to and fro.

Work ethic is no epiphany,

a realistic way to kiss the dreams of the night.

Just how long your fifteen minutes

of fame lasts depends on your wishing star.

To be born, to achieve, grow old,

to die, all in one short time span on a planet,

known as our human legacy,

a tarnished, yet brilliant journey of a lifetime.

Timothy Michael DiVito c1997


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