Updated: Dec 30, 2020

In greatness in their time of need,

shapers of men and their true deeds.

Witnessing acts of wisdom strong,

to us acts must last hard and long.

Hypocrisy seeps into minds,

like oil into the wheels that grind.

All is not lost to times so hard

that prey upon our lowered guard.

Chances taken must be precise,

or our outcome will not suffice.

Martyrs surround the halls of life,

some memories are filed with strife.

This undertaking is immense

failure has true consequence.

Let us act together united,

then futures will be ignited.

Skies fill with cleansing, dark rain,

saturating life preordained.

Washing away fears the soul,

enraged with true pious control.

Our paths lead our future fate,

mistakes are for future debate.

Let us forge ahead, actions clear,

with certain purpose in minds so dear.

Timothy Michael DiVito c1985


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