"Contemplating Love At A Local Tavern"

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The bartender was receptive as usual.

He really didn't have a choice,

being trapped behind the bar

for eight hours a night.

I told the bartender,

I wasn't here for conquests,

but for Mrs. Right.

Champagne, roses and violins

were more my style.

As I took another mouthful

cold Budweiser,

I realized some shining

of my armor was needed.

Performing gallant acts

of chivalry was necessary.

The problem was finding the princess

who would appreciate

the gestures of a gentleman.

Slaying her fears of the male dragon, hidden in his lair of ignorance

was going to be a difficult task.

Gallantry is valid into days love arena.

You have to be cautious

of the fair maiden's emotions.

We have to unlock freedom

when it's hidden in some,

dark castle dungeon, chained by its glimmer

of golden promises.

The price of a broken heart

is paid for dearly by all of us,

who are searching for a romantic rendezvous.

The bartender said "I'm supposed to give

you advice, not the other way around."

That's when I got up, and walked out

of the smoke filled bar,

in to the crisp night.

Timothy Michael DiVito c2003


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