Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Once a privilege to journey green plains of majesty

recalling yesteryear through eyes of awe,

now toxic waste creating deep scars of gray death.

Once mighty noble ice castles so enormous

are melting, as wildlife scrambles,

in their eyes form tears of poisonous fumes.

Painted deserts blinded to life's chaotic struggle,

such beauty only nature can create,

destroyed by mankind's unempathetic greed.

The ancient ocean tides thunder ashore faithfully

sandy beaches are sun bathed graveyards,

the plight of watery wildlife perfectly innocent.

As the morning star warms all that travel

along the country side of the world,

sunny skies turn to nightmares of black dust.

Such rich heritage experiences buried daily,

future of greatness coated by lies,

our earth sold down the river for green pockets,

From ocean to ocean, north to south, east to west,

all encompassing treasures stowed away,

depleted by mankind's promise of a future world.

Within the borders of our glorious humane history,

concerned voices mysteriously silenced,

slowly being murdered by a better mousetrap mentality.

Below the smoky skies of a burning blue sphere,

rages the fires of a careless society,

lies generations of an almost extinct human dream. . .

Timothy Michael DiVito c 1991


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