Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Tastes of life's pleasures,

tastes of life's bitterness.

Travels in the world over in the mind,

travels in the minds of the poor.

The path gets weary without compassion

the burden gets heavy without a soul.

Where are your ears to the cries of man,

where are your eyes to the injustice of man.

Love yourself enough to give to others,

there are less fortunate than yourself.

They who now taste the dust of kings,

they who have tasted sweetness of success.

Now swallow pride shattered by the streets,

for this day must mark a new beginning.

Commence the opening of minds and hearts,

commence the death of destitution.

We need not have sight to see the tears,

for we taste the salt upon our parched lips.

Timothy Michael DiVito c1983


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