Updated: Dec 13, 2020

It has to be stopped.

The lower class fall into an oblivious void,

a middle class descent into a lower class existence.

All the while the upper class climbs ivory towers,

to the top of a 24 KT gold world.

Here the streets are paved with shattered dreams,

of the real people who made this country.

There are the endless lines for the poor.

For the rich, a line to the bank,

to tuck away the blood, sweat and tears

of the American worker, whose back aches,

from the constant of the day to day labor.

Fairness shall one day prevail for all,

faith must be present to succeed.

Faith in ourselves and in our fellow man

helped create this system 220 years ago.

If we lose our faith, we all become classless.

Timothy Michael DiVito c 1996


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