"Cardinal Sin"

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Cardinal sitting in judgement

like some religious sect,

perched in the barren trees of life.

Gazing in our world's windows,

passing a decree of survival

on the race of man.

Scouting the forest of the soul

to enhance our already dying sphere.

Singing out in contempt against

the advancing destruction of humanity.

A bird's eye clerical view

of man's ecosystem cruelty.

Soaring upward searching for fresh air,

a fruitless task is indeed at hand.

Pious opinions from wandering guardians

are no apparent relevance.

For man is the true judge

of man's dogmatic destiny on earth.

For convictions other than our own we employ a decree of silence swiftly.

For not to risk upheaval in the masses

shall we listen to the sky messengers?

A deaf ear to our priestly fathers

means chaos on the winds of change.

To catch the ear not by preaching

should be our main concern presently.

To believe dogma of red robed ancient flyers

serving God eternally.

Do we dare believe we desire

to salvage what we leisurely murder?

Timothy Michael DiVito c1991


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