"Blind Devotion"

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

We see but cannot paint

a third of your wildest imaginings.

You are blind, but create magic

from memories that tell stories

of wondrous adventures.

You see more clearly with your soul,

than we do with the vision

God granted us.

Wildflower fields come alive

with your scented brush strokes.

On wings of the wind eagles soar

with your majestic passionate hues.

A woman's face seduces

upon your sultry, artistic caress.

Portrayed far off lands

are created with exotic abandon.

Souls embraced by true beauty

refuse to heed to vacant senses.

Believe in your God given talent,

it shall surely serve you well.

You preserve through art,

what is only dreamt of in our naïve minds.

There is nothing you cannot achieve

with your creative genius.

Transcending the boundaries of time,

you express the love in your heart.

You weave from memories,

drawing from a pallet of dark brilliance.

Now the colors of the rainbow are seen

in a mind where blackness is a way of life.

Teach the world to weave your magic

on the canvass of our lives.

Timothy Michael DiVito c1994


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