"A Wanderer's Envy"

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Alone on the road, like a bird flying south

for the first time, not knowing how high or far

weary wings shall carry on the wind.

Families noticed traveling toward

a lifetime of memories.

Postcards beyond compare capture warmth

for all seasons.

Wanderlust second guesses the need

for another distant sunset.

As the search for the perfect pasture continues,

tree covered, green fields are a blur.

Unknown destinations fade into familiar havens

of caring friends and laughing children.

Winding roads under blue skies, beckon the heart,

for there is no rest for the soul

of a traveling man.

Calls of a mistress, cruel but sweet,

all in one torrid breath, are sensed,

soaring high above a nest craved so desperately.

Wishing Winter's chilling bite,

would turn into Spring's crisp breeze,

carrying lost souls, to a place called home.

Timothy Michael DiVito c1996


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