"A Victorious Belief"

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

All along the watch tower there is unrest,

this day brings our enemies closer to our doorstep.

They grow in numbers, as they grow in belief,

the belief mankind shall fall in ruin this day.

All we can do is hold the wall in high esteem

with our lives hanging in the balance as a sacrifice,

one that shall be bold in blood red skies,

but shall this be enough to defeat hell.

The fires of Hades grow more torrid at our threshold,

we feel the heat licking our flesh intensely.

Our souls are embraced by the fists of demons

as we find faith in what is truly unseen.

The power in a God that surrounds us,

his strength guides us and our cause to survive,

to defend our land, our families, our love.

We do this in the name of a higher power.

As they break through the wall with fierce rage,

our love for country and our God shall calm,

calm the soulless horrific minions,

so we can raise our swords in victory over our torment.

Timothy Michael DiVito c 1992


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