"A Romantic Sojourn"

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

A mourning that lies awake inside,

delving within our layers of humanity,

weakness lingers as an inner strength

fights until the last breath carries on.

A divine intervention, the soul prevails,

escaping a harsh realty of brutal retaliation.

The battle of life rages from today's tomorrow,

a heart beating sorrow under the pale moonlight.

Star crossed lovers explore on a journey,

a path of survival driven into each others arms,

discovering a long lost love renewed.

An awakening of star filled skies,

a new beginning, a leaf over turned.

A horizon beyond their wildest imaginings,

capturing a vivid picture, a painting in disguise,

not a Monet or Van Gogh, but merely reality.

A place where two lovers to exist

in a passionate embrace of the soul,

one spirit eternally bonded,

fragile, yet as strong as the memories of time.

Timothy Michael DiVito c 2009


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