"A Heroes' Home Coming"

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Life flows through you

like star shine flows through

the black satin night sky.

Bravery flows through you

to destroy your soul's fears,

of never having to wake up again.

Compassion for human life

flows through your heart,

so your memory will never die.

Your sense of humor lightens

the darkest nightmare.

You are golden, as the sun of noon,

as the rise of the brightest star

on the majestic horizon.

You are a true American hero

in a world filled with make believers.

This makes you unique

in a world full of complacency.

To you, life was an adventure,

which will continue in full force

when you can enter your new home,

behind the gates of heaven.

Here, you will make God smile.

Timothy Michael DiVito c1999


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