"A Fateful Journey"

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

It's out there somewhere, a destiny yearned for most often. A way to make reality more livable, something to grasp onto in your mind, wishes that may have already become a concrete truth. A path walked down in a one horse town, a hero against all odds to save the day. A stroll down memory lane of a love hungered for in the romantic's soul. A charge up a sandy beach in face of tyranny spreading like a gray caner. A wondrous adventure down the yellow brick road, leading to the white picket fence dream of a lifetime.

A trek across the desert,

the sands of time in the oasis of humanity.

A hitchhike down the blacktop,

to the next town, the chapter in existence.

All in all a journey of fate,

a seemingly endless series of mysteries,

the answer known to the keeper of the puzzle.

Each of us the author of our own story,

a unique perspective on our corner of humankind,

a place we call home, for as long as physical time allows.

Timothy Michael DiVito c2009


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