Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The most powerful of human emotions,

transcending all discontentment,

the unhappiness in a world gone mad,

embrace it, as you would our lives.

Hold it so dear to your romantic heart,

for it embraces you like the sun,

It touches you like the black of night,

consoling in our time of need.

It is a fine line, yet so totally empowering,

to taste it, is nectar of the gods,

to be in it, is like heavenly blue skies,

as vast, as the eternal universe.

We sincerely need not search any further,

for it is ours, love's tender kiss,

upon which we share the world's concern,

for all that we are is human.

A world without it, is genuinely dead and gone,

no passion, no desire to live,

just a wicked place, to call an eternal hell,

so let it thrive in your soul forever. . .

Timothy Michael DiVito c2020


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